Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista


Her solo concerts adapt to the contexts where he performs and are a mean to express her personality and her musical loves matured over time: Girolamo Frescobaldi, ancient and baroque literature that are well suited to the organological expressiveness of the accordion as a small harmonium organ, the twentieth century with contemporary music written for accordion, for instance the splendid poetry of Sofia Gubaidulina.

Her passion goes on for refined and extravagant French songwriters such as Boris Vian, Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens, E. Piaf, Juliette Greco and Serge Gainsbourg. TANGO is another highly appreciated program of the Cortes managed within milonga as special guest.

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Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista


"I have reached the threshold of a Time, which asks me to take out of me everything I have learned, listened to, played and digested. I always loved writing poetry and music, but a good part remained in the drawers of my desk, I have been waiting to be pregnant with dreams like intuitions and polychrome sound visions. This feeling arrived decisively in 2020, a boundary year, a year of deep introspection in which I decided to pour out of me a parallel world. This is my solo work from A to Z.

The protagonist is the accordion, guests are the cello, violin, viola, electric guitar and electronic music. My compositions includes years of study and research, this work is a synthesis and the innovation of my experiences from Classical music to New Music, from rock to live electronics, from tango to combat folk, from the heterogeneous and precious traditions of the Mediterranean to the French songwriter music by Jacques Brel. Music is a dimension of Being" and like an Artisan Sounds I materialize phonetically my imagination, creating compositions in which being a musician becomes a single reality with poetry, painting and dance. For this reason my music wants to be a vision with a walk, a prayer, a meeting, a movement, a memory and above all it is the admiration for an incomparable artistic masterpiece: the Creation.

I look at the red poppies of the field, small flowers, delicate, yet very brave, they could be wiped out in a moment, but their firm roots in the ground are so resistant and always reveal all their strength.

I look at human beings, which I cannot define differently than a shadow, they shine too often for their wickedness and our future appears uncertain.

For all this I choose a strong title, which leaves no doubts nor interpretations “The Courage".

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

Rachele Colombo and Miranda Cortes, November 2016

Two musicians and composers who interweave artistic sensibility and sound paths with an introspective journey of Human Nature in its ontological evolution.

Their compositions tell about the will to rise and fly like a majestic White Eagle, shining with a light of its own, creating Beauty and Knowledge (see the tracks Bellezza, Mediterraneus), or to plunge to free fall, as our present time reveals, in the shortening of minds and behaviours through the cheap distribution of values of darkness. It is the oblivion of the ancient harmony with creation (see Hypermarché, Aspettare l'uscita, Lo Sbando).

This deep reflection places starts in Venice, temple of Beauty, today a place of decadence and symbol of the destruction produced by mass consumption (Aquarium Venitien).

The third millennium society actually consumes humanity (Direttore del Nord-EsT, Paron Perdido, L'oubli). Men and women are involved in an irreversible crisis of values full of greed, individualism, generating bad politics, corruption, wars, loss of sense and obscuration of human identity.

Nevertheless, redemption can exist in the rebirth of being ( Vestime,Il mio Paese, Voria 'ndar), elevating human existence to heaven, in a New World and with a New human being and the promise of its resurrection (Marcelle B.)

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Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

La Frontera

La Frontera was born in 2001, an idea of Miranda Cortes, the band is composed by Michele Sguotti (alto, violin, vocals), Francesco Clera- Lorenzo Gasperoni (percussions) and Michele Pucci (flamenco guitar). Initially the band’s musical proposal is oriented towards world music, as it comes out by the first CD "Oltre le frontiere" (2001).

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

During the following years, the group worked for a more personal musical dimension, with a careful study of the Mediterranean traditional music: the second CD "Mar Bianco" (2004) emphasizes the influence of the Middle Eastern musical tradition. This influence will remain a mainstay of the band’s subsequent musical evolution. In 2006 the band starts to propose his own compositions, a desire that takes shape in the new work "Ferme tes yeux" (2007), in which there is significant space for interesting collaborations: Federica Doniselli's voice, electronic loops of the musician Efer-Dee and Adriano Clera's compositions.

World music influences thanks to years of philological research of the mediterranean musical cultures and great performers brought to the creation of original new tracks, to the latest record production "MISTRAL" (Felmay 2015)an innovative style of this band, whose reviews comment high skills and talent.

Visit www.lafrontera.it. Look at video Mistral

Duo Wade - Cortes

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista
Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

The duo with the English violinist Marianne Wade is amazing: Marianne Wade on the violin and Miranda Cortes on the accordion express a very special complicity proving to be able to sway between the notes with an unparalleled harmony. Virtuosity, expressiveness, intensity and sound vitality. These are ingredients of their many concerts, which have always been welcomed very positively by the public and critics.

The vast repertoire of the two artists ranges from the authors of cultured music (Bartok, De Falla, Satie, Brahms, Haydn, Bloch, Dvorak, Mozart) to the popular tradition (East-Europe, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, France) and Argentine tango.

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Le Beatrici

by Stefano Benni, direction Raffaello Cossu, 2020

Production Teatro a l'Avogaria Venezia

Actors: Eleonora Fuser, Ludovica Castellani, Alice Centazzo, Miranda Cortes, Raffaello Cossu

Music on stage : Miranda Cortes

An angelic girlfriend who also needs physical love, a nun forced by her father in a convent, an unscrupulous woman in a career unscrupulous, a woman waiting for a man who does not arrive, a superficial teenage, weak and cruel at the same time, and a werewolf woman, a sensitive victim of an unwanted condition. Finally, a man evoked as an antagonist without knowing it, the whole scene developed with a live music sound track the leitmotif of every human episode

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista
Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista
Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

with Linda Bobbo, 2015

Evelina and the Fairies by Simona Baldelli

Theatrical reading for voice, body, accordion

It’s the story that ties the threads of History to the magical, colorful threads of a little girl and her fantasy world in a small country town.

Evelina’s will probably to be able to survive the cruellest moments and sometimes unbearable pains, reality, reviving the peasant world, always poised between succumbing and rebuilding and , the enchantment of the ancient tale.

Evelina will see the arrival of the refugees, will know the War, Death, the suffering of discrimination, the value of friendship and the greatest wonder of all: the fireflies... accompanied and protected by two caring and maternal fairies.

music performed by Miranda Cortes is taken from the Sonata "Et Exspecto" for Solo Accordion (1985) by Sofjia Gubajdulina, Russian composer, whose originality is so distinguished that it is unique in the international composition scene.

Look at videos Evelina and the fairies - Le bomb e Evelina and the fairies - Le cicogne.

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

La Piccionaia - I Carrara

La Piccionaia - I Carrara, texts by Mario Rigoni Stern and Mauro Corona

Dramaturgy and interpretation by Armando Carrara

Music with accordion by Miranda Cortes

This show, which debuted in July 2009, talks about the relationship between men and animals, on all those tracks that from ancient times lead to contemporary man, with all its weaknesses, feelings and fears.

The dramaturgy is mainly based on the stories of two celebrated personalities such as Mario Rigoni Stern and Mauro Corona. The stories chosen for this purpose will be: the fox, the hare, the owl, the donkey Giorgia, the marten, and through a dramatized reading you will understand who or what is behind these animals and its relationship with the human race.

Miranda Cortes is musician, singer and actress.

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Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

with Ivano Marescotti

This show, produced in 2004, directed and starring Ivano Marescotti and co-produced by Italy, France and Hungary, Miranda Cortes played the role of musician and actress.

"Babe-lè" was not only a theatrical performance, but the expression of a cultural project of "borderlands" in the search for the sounds of languages and local traditions belonging to minor cultural identities. Ivano Marescotti’s relationship with Raffaello Baldini is an integral part of this show, and the aim was to compare the dialect of Romagna with other consolidated regional "schools" such as Neapolitan, Sicilian, Veneto and others.

In "Babe-lè" the actors spoke also French, German, Serbian, Czech, African dialect, Arabic, Japanese; a vortex of languages staged to tell a human condition in constant contradiction between incommunicability and understanding, between constraint and freedom.

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

with Pippo Gentile

Pippo Gentile is the founder of the theater company Ullallà, his activity involve public schools and theaters for children.

He won the first prize of the competition Teatro per Ragazzi di Porto S. Elpidio in 2007.

"All Beckett in one evening" (directed and set design by Pippo Gentile) combines more works by the English writer Samuel Beckett and involves actors with disabilities on stage. The soundtrack of the show is directed and performed by Miranda Cortes; the video projections are by M. Cortes and Efer Dee.

Performances took place from 2005 to 2007.

The collaboration between Miranda Cortes and Pippo Gentile has been realized also in other theatrical performances for children (3 for Oz, music by M. Cortes, 2007-2008) and theatrical readings of musical improvisation.

Miranda Cortes, musicista e fisarmonicista

with Giorgio Fabbris

These are the three avant-garde theatre performances created with the eccentric director Giorgio Fabbris, which replicated with great success from 1999 to 2004.

In these shows Miranda Cortes played the role of musician on stage with scenic movements.